Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hey jude

So, I've really failed at my "fifty-two weeks" project. And to think I wanted to do a 366? Ha! School is crazy this semester. Craaaaazy. I feel like I say that every time I blog. But it's the truth. So here are some old pictures. I was going back through old Facebook profile pictures and really liked these.



So do three old pictures make up for the lack of a new one? I think yes. :) I did have time to write a poem, though! There was much rejoicing! 

Unto my eyes and to my heart
A word of wisdom I must impart:
Life is not a perfect sea,
Not tossed about by storm or breeze.
It is a tempest, raging at best,
Pushing, driving, unto its death.

That hazy vision of glass, depart!
Do not darken the hopes of my heart.
Frail and thin your argument lies--
Though sought after by human eyes!
I wish your visage would shatter and see,
You are not all you are cracked up to be.

So I’ll stay in my rags and not glance upon
Your lies of a life lived fast and strong.
Perfection does not your beauty make,
But chaos is my life to take.
So here I’ll live so quietly,
Content and oh so happy to be
The sole desire of my Savior’s eyes.
In His grace is no man despised. 


Listen to--> Hey Jude- The Beatles


  1. I love the pictures and the poem and Hey Jude is my favorite song by The Beatles. By the way, I particularly like the picture of you and the banjo. Banjos are *amazing*.


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