Monday, February 16, 2015

snow day, snow day

 photo IMG_9873_zps4f2b743b.jpg photo IMG_9872_zpsc455cecf.jpg photo IMG_9887_zps06022f76.jpg photo IMG_9882_zpsfa112f87.jpg photo IMG_9884_zpsa2eabc02.jpg photo IMG_9881_zps6f35e6c0.jpg

Well, not really. What was supposed to be six inches of powdery, fluffy white snow fell as two inches of disgusting ice and sleet. And, unfortunately, the stellar views of downtown Nashville we have from our little townhouse come at a cost--we live at the very top of a very steep hill, and there's currently no getting up or down it. So, we're stuck. Thankfully, work and class were cancelled for me. I made Johanna walk around the neighborhood with me, because I was about to go stir-crazy. There's only so much crafting and Netflix watching one can do.

And now, I'm craving pizza, which I don't have and can't get. So, I guess it's pasta again for dinner. Do keep Nashville in your thoughts and prayers. We aren't used to this kind of weather, and many people are without power. We've been lucky here at my house so far!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Keri | College Senior

 photo IMG_9615_zps5a710d35.jpg photo IMG_9567_zpse43659fb.jpg photo IMG_9521_zps8f863624.jpg photo IMG_9559_zps61d205e6.jpg photo IMG_9562_zps534bf27f.jpg photo IMG_9536_zpse0f4eb11.jpg photo IMG_9576_zpsf1162b12.jpg photo IMG_9585_zps1afcfd86.jpg photo IMG_9594_zps42cf6b99.jpg photo IMG_9617_zpsf50fc877.jpg photo IMG_9663_zpscc58c965.jpg photo IMG_9628_zps09fe2227.jpg photo IMG_9668_zps8ca35553.jpg 

I can't tell you how awesome this girl is. She was my suitemate my first senior year of college, and she pretty much kept me sane through our British Romantic Lit class. I am so happy with how Keri's senior pictures turned out! It was the perfect day--surprisingly warm and sunny for February. We grabbed lunch at McAllister's (our fave!) then headed out to take pictures. Keri really wanted a spot with a barn, and we actually managed to find one. (Despite what country songs might tell you, there are, in fact, not many barns in Nashville.)

Love you, Ker, and I hope you love your photos!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Derreck + Emily | Engagement

In this week's installment of pictures-I-took-and-forgot-to-share we have Derreck and Emily! These are two of the kindest souls I know. We had so much fun taking these pictures, even though it was a weird snowy-but-sunny Nashville morning.We took a few pictures on campus, then walked around Hillsboro Village and went to the dragon park. All of this was, of course, followed by chili dogs from Cori's Dog House. Priorities, people! Anyway, I'm so excited for the journey these two are embarking on together!

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