Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rivers and roads

This is what today's picture taking produced. The light in my doorm room is so nice in the afternoons. I thought about venturing out to take some pictures, but decided that I liked these well enough.

Photobucket I'm finally able to curl my hair! And get it in a ponytail! It's a pretty huge deal. If you recall, my hair was boy short a few months ago...

Okay, so that was July. I've decided that chopping my hair off is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Life had hit a rough patch, and doing something like that for myself really gave me a boost of confidence. I couldn't hide behind my hair anymore, so I had to grow comfortable in my skin. However, I'm really enjoying growing my hair back out. I don't feel the compulsive need to wear a dress and make up.

Anyway, that's my random post of the day. I need to clean my room, do Music Theory homework, and work on year book pages.


listen to: Cats and Dogs- The Head and the Heart


  1. i love your "long" hair - it's adorable!

  2. love the lace headband - definitely going to try that out!


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