Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it's raining and i'm rambling


1. You should be scared that there are two of me in the above picture. I realize the text doesn't really go, but I couldn't resist quoting my second favorite Simon and Garfunkel song. Besides, it does have a hippie-ish vibe, which I embrace wholeheartedly.  I might do a tutorial later on how to make pictures like this.They seem to be popping up a lot lately. I like the effect they have. It's pretty groovy. Ha.

2. We had a tornado warning here in Nash earlier. It doesn't seem to have done any damage, though the temperature is going to drop nearly 40 degrees by tomorrow once the cold front comes through. Random fact: before God called me to missions, I wanted to be a meteorologist. So excuse me if I ramble on about the weather from time to time.

3. There's a good possibility I'll be working on this piece for piano this semester:
Even if you don't like classical music, you should really listen to this piece by Prokofiev. It's stunning!

4. We had Wizzard of Oz auditions last night. I didn't audition for anything specific, as it's a musical, and I'm a contralto. All of the female roles are written for soprano, so that's a problem. I love to act, though! I'm taking it as a class, so it will be fun to participate regardless of whether I have a part or am just in in chorus!

5. Speaking of classes, I'm taking New Testament: Gospels and Acts, Music Theory I, Aural Theory I, Advanced Oral Communication, Masterpieces of World Literature II, Tennis, Chapel Choir, Handbells, Choral Union, and Private Piano. Even though I'm taking ten classes, I'm only taking seventeen hours. I'm going to be in school forever!

6. I started my internship again yesterday. I'm working a lot more this semester than last. I love my job! Working at a publishing company is perfect for me. 

Well, I'm off to clean my room and read more of Tartuffe. Insolent poem of a play!


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