Monday, August 25, 2014

what's up?

 photo IMG_9436_zpsc05e4fcc.jpg Oh hey! I know I said I was back to blogging regularly...and then disappeared for like a month. I'm all moved into my apartment! (And by "moved in" I mean everything is in my house. And most of it is still in boxes. Oops.)

 photo 3A4E85E4-5695-41B0-9A6B-71772356C050_zpsyf5fpn2c.jpg photo 9114AB3A-66FE-42DF-ADB1-ABC33E06F78B_zpszsvqfmdm.jpg photo 755B20C5-FD5D-4036-897C-0803E2AB1D7E_zpsqpnrfjx7.jpg photo C8CB49F4-493A-4180-8600-CD3AAA8ACBBF_zpsmbzikhdk.jpg photo E81010E6-D831-4772-9899-EFB59E8AD406_zps22ip1ird.jpg photo EF683857-5BFD-4C8B-AE01-9A3D60D6286F_zpsbng9jgjf.jpg 

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen most of these pictures already. I've been to several shows lately and have done quite a bit of exploring around Nashville. I'll never grow tired of this city. (Also, yes, that rainy picture of the hill is the view from my bedroom window. Love.)

I promise I'll post more pictures of my apartment once it's actually unpacked and decorated. I don't currently have a home for all my books, and it's totally throwing me off my unpacking game.

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