Wednesday, December 3, 2014

we're going to the country!

 photo IMG_9876-3_zpse5c00d26.jpg  photo IMG_9877_zpse826d60f.jpg  photo IMG_9920_zps66784f3e.jpg photo IMG_9847_zps01df04e1.jpg photo IMG_0042_zps0d578477.jpg photo IMG_0036_zps0615e976.jpg photo IMG_0019_zps09a0c12e.jpg photo IMG_9987_zps988492fb.jpg photo IMG_9968_zps5f3ae104.jpg photo IMG_9945_zps02adc172.jpg photo IMG_9985_zpsa06b38fa.jpg photo IMG_9958_zpsb54e02a8.jpg 

You're probably like "who is this person that's posting this blog post?" And I'm like "listen, I've only been gone for fourth months and my hair is not that different." Ha. Oops. Didn't mean to be gone for so long, so for my triumphant return, here are my college senior pictures, because apparently that's a thing we have to do now in addition to all of those other somewhat arbitrary graduation requirements. (Well, not really. They would've let me graduate but I wouldn't have gotten to see my bright, cheery face in the yearbook, and after these five years of college I think I deserve at least that.)

Anyway. My sister snapped these for me at our family's cabin while we were in Missouri last weekend for Thanksgiving. (Gracias, sister.) In the process, I learned just how awkward I am in front of a camera, which is odd considering how many selfies I take on, like, a daily basis. 

So back to graduation. All that stands between me and that shiny, new B.A. in English is three credit hours of Spanish. (The class which I have so lovingly been referring to as the bane of my existence.) In a moment of utter insanity today, I registered for the Spanish CLEP, which takes place next Wednesday. If I pass it, I get out of that final, grueling semester of college. (Regardless of what happens, I walk across that creaky stage in May.)

So, basically, that's what's up. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

the shepherd of these hills (home.)

 photo IMG_9608_zpsa09cc4d6.jpg  photo IMG_9605_zpsa44223b0.jpg photo IMG_9607_zps775540cf.jpg photo IMG_9612_zpsadd3a821.jpg photo IMG_9614_zpsb49af5c4.jpg photo IMG_9615_zps238e4140.jpg photo IMG_9619_zps0a27e2ef.jpg photo IMG_9621_zpsea524be7.jpg photo IMG_9625_zpsd0cd2867.jpg photo IMG_9627_zpsdd9e3ecf.jpg photo IMG_9629_zps8ca25733.jpg photo IMG_9633_zps85105f57.jpg photo IMG_9642_zpsae5eb846.jpg photo IMG_9647_zps92fb834e.jpg photo IMG_9649_zps04387f3c.jpg photo IMG_9651_zps8fbaa3d9.jpg photo IMG_9655_zpsd4e58a1b.jpg 

How do you write about your hometown, or better yet, photograph it? How do you tell the story of a tiny, poverty-stricken town in the Ozark hills? How do you peel back the layers of nostalgia and get to the heart of what a place truly is?

All I know: this is place is home, and my words and pictures could never do it justice.  

There are so many stories to tell--like how the house I grew up in is gone, the lot paved over--but those are too lengthy, and meant for another project.
So here's to home, and the wonderful people that make it so special.


Monday, August 25, 2014

what's up?

 photo IMG_9436_zpsc05e4fcc.jpg Oh hey! I know I said I was back to blogging regularly...and then disappeared for like a month. I'm all moved into my apartment! (And by "moved in" I mean everything is in my house. And most of it is still in boxes. Oops.)

 photo 3A4E85E4-5695-41B0-9A6B-71772356C050_zpsyf5fpn2c.jpg photo 9114AB3A-66FE-42DF-ADB1-ABC33E06F78B_zpszsvqfmdm.jpg photo 755B20C5-FD5D-4036-897C-0803E2AB1D7E_zpsqpnrfjx7.jpg photo C8CB49F4-493A-4180-8600-CD3AAA8ACBBF_zpsmbzikhdk.jpg photo E81010E6-D831-4772-9899-EFB59E8AD406_zps22ip1ird.jpg photo EF683857-5BFD-4C8B-AE01-9A3D60D6286F_zpsbng9jgjf.jpg 

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen most of these pictures already. I've been to several shows lately and have done quite a bit of exploring around Nashville. I'll never grow tired of this city. (Also, yes, that rainy picture of the hill is the view from my bedroom window. Love.)

I promise I'll post more pictures of my apartment once it's actually unpacked and decorated. I don't currently have a home for all my books, and it's totally throwing me off my unpacking game.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

summer skin

 photo IMG_9233_zps8396e202.jpg  photo IMG_9243_zps69690589.jpg photo IMG_9252_zps6d02aba8.jpg photo IMG_9262_zps0d33b512.jpg photo IMG_9278_zpsece6b175.jpg photo IMG_9288_zpsbe6154f2.jpg photo IMG_9301_zps4ff9a22e.jpg photo IMG_9315_zps05b500bc.jpg photo IMG_9322_zps3a417386.jpg photo IMG_9331_zps10f880bd.jpg 

I didn't intend to take a break from blogging for the summer, it just kind of happened. I've been working a lot, and getting things together to move into my new apartment. Once life is settled into a familiar, easy pace again...I'll be back.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

let's go to the beach

 photo IMG_9911_zpsbc2ebca0.jpg  photo IMG_9913_zpsd87abd3f.jpg photo IMG_9917_zpsd937107f.jpg photo IMG_9889_zpsd18e77fb.jpg photo IMG_9896_zps18e85cc5.jpg photo IMG_9878_zpsb32da4d9.jpg photo IMG_9876_zps93dda99a.jpg photo IMG_9883_zpsc6b2cf8a.jpg photo IMG_9874_zps2021bd55.jpg  photo IMG_9942_zps800fd600.jpg photo IMG_9930_zps0a7e52a4.jpg 

I went to Destin last week with my sister and her family. It was a blast. It rained the first two days we were there, but afterwards, the clouds cleared and we had perfect, sunny weather for the rest of our stay. I read about four and a half books. (An Abundance of Katherines - John Green, In the Woods - Tana French, The Selection and The Elite - Kiera Cass, and part of To the Lighthouse - Virgina Woolf.) 

I also took a few family photos of my sister and  her family, and coerced her into taking a few of me.

I hope you all are having a lovely spring so far! (Or lack thereof. It's been snowing off and on in Nashville all day!)

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