Saturday, January 7, 2012

saying my goodbyes

My life is packed away
In boxes in the corner.
My memories shut up
In cardboard and tape.

Twenty years of living
Packed neatly into containers.
It would be much easier
To throw it all away.

But my thoughts are mine
Not dictated by possessions
I could walk away today
And leave it all behind.

First poem of the year. I spent today packing up my room. I really don't have an emotional attachment to this house. I always knew it would be a transitional thing. I am going to miss Missouri, though. I've lived in the Ozarks my entire life. My heart will always belong to these lonely hills and valleys. However, life dictates that I move on to bigger and better things. Nashville has always been my second home; now I can call it home for good. 

And with that, I begin my trek back to Nashville.


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