Monday, April 27, 2015

House tour --> bedroom

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I know what you're thinking--"you moved into your apartment nine months ago! How are you just now getting around to doing a house tour?" And my answer for you is, "I know, I know--but I've been working full time, going to class, and trying to keep track of seventeen different hobbies! Give me a break!"

Actually, I have no excuse, except that decorating is hard. Because I'm a perfectionist, and I haven't really wanted to share the inside of my apartment until it was just right. Then, I realized that it's never going to be just right and I may as well share it in its natural state. Because I'm going to look back on this little, imperfect townhouse in five or ten years and feel overcome with nostalgia. That was my first apartment! I'll think. And I'll be proud of what I accomplished and how much I grew while living here.

This room has been like a sanctuary to me. It's so cheery and bright in the afternoons. It's huge, too. There's still plenty of room, even with my massive queen-sized bed. It's also comforting and homey, because every single piece in this room has a story. My giant bed was my great-grandfather's. It's been in my mom's family since the 1800s. It's squeaky and a little unstable, but I rest well at night knowing it's served my family for 100 + years. My mom bought my desk at an estate sale when I was probably eight or so. It's been painted over several times, and the paint is all starting to wear off. But I love it. She also bought me that vintage globe. My dad got me the Galileo thermometer when I was going through my weathergirl phase. He also bought be the blue step-stool so I could easily get in and out of my (very tall) bed. It's since been taken over by books, however. My grandpa gave me the VW model for Christmas, because I'm obsessed with VW vans. 

Oh, and you can't see it in these pictures, but there's a stellar view of downtown Nashville from my windows. That's probably the coolest thing about this whole place!

(And in case anyone was wondering--because I've been asked this several times on Instagram--my quilt is from Urban Outfitters.)

Thanks for letting me share this little slice of my house and my life! I'll be sharing my living room next.

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