Friday, June 28, 2013


A short, inconclusive compliation of the things that have been inspiring me lately.

Black and white photos of The Beatles

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The artwork of Matthew Taylor Wilson.

The music video for "Recovery" by Frank Turner


Iced Moroccan mint tea.

Seeing how my photography and personal style has changed over the years.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

dreams and disasters

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When He gives quietness, who then can make trouble? - Job 34.29 

Macarons and chalkboard art, because today hasn't been the easiest.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

super moon

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Confession: this isn't the super moon. This is actually last month's full moon. I considered taking pictures of the incredible moon this month, but I'm kind of convinced that big foot lives in the woods behind my house, and I couldn't bring myself to venture outside. Don't judge me. I'm a conspiracy theorist with an active imagination.

Anyway, I picked up a covers album by Greg Laswell a while back, and this song came on while I was driving home tonight. It just seemed to fit the mood of the night. I've never heard the original version of this song. I just love Greg's voice.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

the great adventure

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This summer has been my first taste of "adulthood."I had the opportunity to travel the world, but I turned it down to work. But it's funny how life turns out. Ducking my head down, pushing through, accepting the monotony and occasional loneliness of being responsible is paying off. I love my job. I'm studying hard so I can pass the Spanish CLEP test at the end of the summer and graduate on time. I'm learning so much about prayer through my Lifegroup. I'm spending time with lovely friends. And best of all, I'm finally owning up to what God called me to do seven years ago at a tiny church camp nestled in the Ozark hills: I'm preparing to go. I'm being presented some really cool post-grad opportunities, if I let God lead and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I'm learning that everyday life can be an adventure, too. That it doesn't matter if I'm wandering the streets of Nashville, Fez, Chitre, or Malaga. God can use me anywhere if I allow Him to open my eyes to the opportunities around me. I'm not one of those "intentional" people. I don't try to make every experience into a great, philosophical revelation. But it's true that there is beauty in every single day. A beauty passed down from the Father of lights.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I accidentally dyed my hair blonde


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Do you ever have this picture in your head of how something is going to turn out, and it just DOESN'T HAPPEN? Yeah. That's what happened here. I was going for a red-to-blonde ombre effect (because my hair is FINALLY long enough to do that kinda jazzy stuff). My sweet hairdresser asked me if I wanted to subtle or bold ombre. Obviously I said BOLD. Well, I got something a little more bold than I bargained for. I haven't bleached my hair in a couple of years, and I forgot just how well my hair takes to bleach. I could've gone platinum blonde without damaging my hair if I'd wanted to.

 photo IMG_0871_zpsc0c9d83c.jpg 

Just as a reference, here's my hair before: lots of weird colors and dye-overs and whatnot. But pretty dark nonetheless.

 photo IMG_7494_zpsc6a413a5.jpg 

So yeah. It's quite the change. The girl really did a great job! I'm just still in new hair shock. Eek!


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bethany + Thad

Bethany and I grew up knowing of each other, but never much beyond that. We come from the same state (though I insist on calling her a "northerner" due to her inclusion of a nonexistent l in her pronunciation of the world both.) This past year we were suitemates. Due to my crazy roommate, I spent all of my time in her (and our other friend Audrey's) room. By the end of the year, we'd nicknamed ourselves Crawley Closet, gained an obsession with Doctor Who, and spent countless hours writing papers and drinking coffee.Audrey and I are both honored to be bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. I am so excited for her and Thad's life to start!

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 Love you, Bethany! 
xo, Katy 

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