Thursday, September 11, 2014

the shepherd of these hills (home.)

 photo IMG_9608_zpsa09cc4d6.jpg  photo IMG_9605_zpsa44223b0.jpg photo IMG_9607_zps775540cf.jpg photo IMG_9612_zpsadd3a821.jpg photo IMG_9614_zpsb49af5c4.jpg photo IMG_9615_zps238e4140.jpg photo IMG_9619_zps0a27e2ef.jpg photo IMG_9621_zpsea524be7.jpg photo IMG_9625_zpsd0cd2867.jpg photo IMG_9627_zpsdd9e3ecf.jpg photo IMG_9629_zps8ca25733.jpg photo IMG_9633_zps85105f57.jpg photo IMG_9642_zpsae5eb846.jpg photo IMG_9647_zps92fb834e.jpg photo IMG_9649_zps04387f3c.jpg photo IMG_9651_zps8fbaa3d9.jpg photo IMG_9655_zpsd4e58a1b.jpg 

How do you write about your hometown, or better yet, photograph it? How do you tell the story of a tiny, poverty-stricken town in the Ozark hills? How do you peel back the layers of nostalgia and get to the heart of what a place truly is?

All I know: this is place is home, and my words and pictures could never do it justice.  

There are so many stories to tell--like how the house I grew up in is gone, the lot paved over--but those are too lengthy, and meant for another project.
So here's to home, and the wonderful people that make it so special.

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