Saturday, January 14, 2012

two of fifty two: poems and pictures

Miles, like flowers, wither away.
Each step brings me closer
To your smiling face.
Tomorrow I'll see you,
Today I will wait
Here in the silence
For your warm embrace.
So come in your car,
And I'll walk down the street.
My pace will match 
Your pounding heartbeat.
This distance is hard,
To that I'll admit.
I often wish to talk and sit.
But someday will come
When we're together at last.
You'll hold my hand,
And we'll laugh at the past.


Part two of fifty two, poems and pictures. 
I get to see my boyfriend tomorrow, hence the sappy poem. :) This photo was actually taken a few weeks ago, but I've had no time to do anything creative this week, thanks to school. Besides, I absolutely love that picture. So it gets to be photo numbero dos. :)
Well, I'm going to eat some Ramen and go to bed. 

1 comment:

  1. That poem was adorable and quite prettily written. Nice rainboots! :) (I'm guessing they're rainboots?)


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