Monday, July 29, 2013


I know I arrived home from Spain and Morocco months ago, but I didn't get the chance to sort through and edit my photos until this week. I've decided to focus on one country at a time, since this was really two mission trips in one. First up, Spain!

 photo IMG_2242_zpsdd7883c9.jpg photo IMG_2192_zps1f702c99.jpg  photo IMG_2235_zpsa87f0ffc.jpg  photo IMG_2244_zps6837f427.jpg photo IMG_2246_zps5cff5ab0.jpg  photo IMG_2250_zps5871a607.jpg  photo IMG_2266_zpsb7a2b8e8.jpg  photo IMG_2270_zps2f37fcb8.jpg  photo IMG_2283_zps16dec284.jpg  photo IMG_2287_zpseb27374e.jpg  photo IMG_2289_zpsf9373959.jpg  photo IMG_2299_zpse18c92fe.jpg  photo IMG_2307_zpscf84457d.jpg  photo IMG_2309_zps2ee50640.jpg photo IMG_2315_zpsc6ffbfc7.jpg  photo IMG_2317_zpsf1f0299f.jpg photo IMG_2318_zps5aad6ee6.jpg  photo IMG_2320_zpsc51f7b40.jpg  photo IMG_2340_zps64664b35.jpg  photo IMG_2359_zps62034cf8.jpg  photo IMG_2386_zpsa63ac029.jpg  photo IMG_2400_zps00966b97.jpg  photo IMG_2401_zpsb93c4f6e.jpg  photo IMG_2417_zps870a3e3c.jpg  photo IMG_2428_zps73f15344.jpg  photo IMG_2448_zpse4d7c397.jpg  photo IMG_2471_zps6a3dd7e4.jpg  photo IMG_2476_zps18ed3b37.jpg  photo IMG_2478_zps65d2660c.jpg  photo IMG_2481_zps9fd50076.jpg  photo IMG_2482_zps50b70224.jpg  photo IMG_2491_zps5dda0a2b.jpg  photo IMG_2497_zps84943a7a.jpg  photo IMG_2498_zps546ae06c.jpg  photo IMG_2499_zpsc0947b50.jpg  photo IMG_2870_zps9aed0c21.jpg  photo IMG_2881_zpsbc261cb1.jpg  photo IMG_2882_zpscd03aea4.jpg  photo IMG_2914_zps4de131f7.jpg  photo IMG_2917_zpsda3a0239.jpg  photo IMG_2939_zpse286908f.jpg  photo IMG_2942_zps40f32f2c.jpg  photo IMG_2973_zpsdbb7896b.jpg  photo IMG_2994_zps1bfa50c4.jpg photo IMG_2995_zpsc20b2e2d.jpg photo IMG_3015_zps9c3d0d1d.jpg photo IMG_3024_zpsdfe26013.jpg 

 Pictures don't do Spain justice. It might be the most beautiful place I've ever been. It's such a bright and lively country. We were in far southern Spain on the Mediterranean coast (in fact, we stayed in a house with several missionaries two blocks from the beach.) While in Spain we walked. We walked, and prayed. We spent hours coming up with creative strategies to meet the spiritual needs of the people there. As bright as the country may be, it is spiritually dark. 

We stayed in Spain a few days before traveling to Morocco. We returned to Spain for a day after our adventures in Morocco. I could tell Spain stories all day, but I know most of them are probably only funny or awe-inspiring to me, so I'll let the above pictures tell my story. (Bless you, if you made it through all of them.) I would honestly drop everything and move today if I could. Spain stole my heart. 


Monday, July 22, 2013


 photo YEAH_zpsc9514534.jpg  photo YEAH2_zps8243b17a.jpg

Note to self: don't listen to Radiohead while editing photos. They'll turn out creepy and a bit disjointed.


Friday, July 5, 2013

a playlist and blog updates

 photo india4422_zpsdd9c79f0.jpg

I hope everyone had a lovely and overly patriotic Fourth. I ate too much, saw the Lone Ranger, and laid awake in my bed until 3 A.M., reading the third Percy Jackson book, watching Dead Poets Society (TEARS), and sifting through the pictures my dad took when he went to India and Nepal like seven years ago or something. (Yup, dats Mount Everest up there. So cool.)

So. A few housekeeping things here on the 'ol blog. First, I've switched my main subscription service over to Bloglovin', so you can push that little button over on the right, or just do a searcharoo for me over on Bloglovin's main site.

Second, I'm currently working on updating my Society6 store, so you should definitely keep an eye out for some fun new stuff in the coming days.

So that's about it! I'm off to clean my disaster of a room and work on my ELIC application!

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