Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hope: it's all that I have

Is it really December? It doesn't seem like it, nor does it seem like the first semester of my sophomore year of college should be almost over. I have one week of school left, then it's back to Missouri for a short while. First, I have to get through eight finals (four of those are on Wednesday, I might add) and one piano jury. I'm not too worried about the finals--only one of them is cumulative. My piano jury, however, is absolutely stressing me out. I don't feel prepared. (I blogged about the songs I'm playing here. Trust me, they're worth listening to.)

It will be good to be home. I am however going to miss my friends from college. Most of my time back in Missouri will be spent packing for my dad's move to Tennessee. It's weird that this is the last time I'm going home to the Ozarks. I cherish my rural upbringing, but I'm definitely ready for this new chapter in life.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be twenty in less than a month. I know that's rather young, but it's going to be weird no longer being a "teenager." I still feel like such a kid. I don't know much about life or the world, but I've decided that maybe that's okay.


The above photo is my all-time favorite picture of my mom. She was a beautiful lady. She was a teacher, an artist, a pastor's wife, a cook, a florist, a writer, an interior decorator. She and my grandpa designed and sold a line of successful doll furniture. She was the sweetest lady I know. She loved God with all her heart. She persevered through some of the worst illnesses I have ever seen, and I'm proud to call her my mom. Last Sunday, the 27th, marked three years since her passing. I meant to write something that day, but I just couldn't. I was too sad that day to write anything positive. And I wanted the post to reflect how optimistic she was.
I took this photo when I was seventeen. (The same age as my mom in the picture.)

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!



  1. Aw, your mom is just stunning, as well as you ;)


  2. I just want to say how beautiful that first photo (and all following photos, too) is. It gets me every time.


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