Saturday, December 10, 2011





dress- f21/ shirt-school/ cardi-VF/ leggings- walmart/ socks- unknown/ boots- DSW

That plaid dress up there? Yeah, it's my favorite dress of all time. I bought it a few years ago and it's still one of my favorite things to wear. I would also like to point out how long my hair is getting. This growing out a pixie cut business has been interesting. I feel like I have a mullet, and I'm really missing how low-maintenance my hair was. Also, as of next week, the blonde will be gone from my hair. I need a change. :)

Also, I ask that y'all would say a quick prayer for me. My blood sugar has been going low a lot lately. I hadn't been feeling too well today, so I checked my blood sugar--it was 33, which is dangerously low. It's a miracle I hadn't passed out yet. If you could, pray I'll be okay until I can get to the doctor next week. I get panicky when stuff like this happens, and it isn't pleasant. Thank you!


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  1. i actually really like your hair like this. :) i'm debating when i should start growing out my hair again...haha... :)

    i enjoy how you styled this dress! very cute.

    by the way, thank you for following me! also i'm praying for you!


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