Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday- What I'm Playing

I've decided to share music I currently love on Monday. Because, 1: music and Monday make for nice alliteration, and 2: Mondays are bad. Music is awesome. Therefore, music makes Mondays better.

Get all that? Good.

This week I have something special to share with you. These are the two songs that I will be learning for my music jury at the end of this semester. First up, a piece by Debussy.

Next up is my absolute favorite Rachmaninoff piece that I'll be learning

I'm excited about learning these pieces. The past week, I've mostly focused on the Rachmaninoff piece, since it is the most technically difficult. Although Debussy can be hard to play. (Impressionists...ya know.)

Also, I'm sorry for the total lack of photos. Things have been a total crazytrain with rush coming up! I'll have some soon. :)


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