Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas break reading list

I haven't had time to read all semester. Now that final grades are posted (straight a's!) I can quit worrying and fretting and devote my time to my books. Here's what I plan on reading this month.

Inheritance- Christopher Paolini (I'm about a 1/4 of the way through)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow- Washington Irving
White Fang- Jack London (I'm about 1/2 way through)
The Time Machine- H.G. Wells (I'm about 1/4 of the way through)
The Invisible Man- H.G. Wells
The Return of the King- J.R.R. Tolkien (half way through.)
Mere Christianity- C.S. Lewis
Full Dark House- Christopher Folwer
Dune- Frank Herbert
The Silmarilian- J.R.R. Tolkien

I'm considering re-reading The Hunger Games trilogy, as well as The Screwtape Letters. This list is subject to change/grow/whatever as break progresses. 

Have you read any good books lately?



  1. I've been trying to develop my list. Right now I'm finishing Flowers in the Attic, then I'm thinking of staring the Chronicles of Narnia. I actually have that exact copy. Barnes & Noble?
    I might start on Little Women a bit and see how that goes.
    Then I need to finish my copy of Emily Dickinson poetry, and maybe read some essays by Emerson, Thoreau, and George Orwell.
    I'm looking forward to this down time.=)

  2. looks like you've got a lot of good books ahead of you! Unfortunately the only book I've read lately have been school books... and I can't exactly say those are GOOD. :) But I really want to read the Hunger Games trilogy!

  3. Oooh. Looks like you have some good ones on here! I've never read White Fang, but I've heard it's good - you'll have to let me/us know :) I was looking on the other day and saw Dune! It's on my to-read list.

    Narnia? Oh yes. I approve.

    I just finished reading Skellig (by David Almond). You have to read it! So good. Occasionally there's a reference or two on how evolution is right, but besides that, it's one of THE BEST books I've read. The style it's written in is beautiful. It's a small book - it probably wouldn't take you more than two days to read.


  4. ps: oh, and i definitely approve of Hunger Games, too :)

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  6. If I may offer a brief little critique:

    H. G. Wells in general is pretty good, and he writes some thought-provoking stuff. I'm more of a fan of Jules Verne, though.

    Dune is good stuff. I like the way Frank Herbert did such a comprehensive job with his worldbuilding and managed to incorporate so much of it into the story itself.

    The Silmarillion is kinda meh, at least compared to Tolkien's other writing. It reads less like a literary work and more like a reference guide like Bulfinch's Mythology (which it pretty much was intended to be - I don't think Tolkien ever meant for his notes to really be published). Since you seem to be a devoted Tolkien fan, you'll probably still enjoy it; just don't try to read it the same way you'd read the Lord of the Rings books.


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