Thursday, December 22, 2011

baby it's (finally) cold outside

The best thing about Christmas break so far? Sleeping in. Normally I don't sleep past nine or ten when I sleep in--but for the last week I've slept til nearly noon everyday. I guess my body just needs all the extra sleep! The past few days have been spent doing zumba (it's a lot of fun, y'all), making cookies, doing last minute shopping, watching documentaries on the History channel, and staying up way too late Skyping.

I decided I'd actually get dressed and look cute today. It's a nice mood booster. Makes me feel somewhat productive. That kind of thing. :)


I went outside and snapped these pictures earlier. It's finally getting chilly out! Unfortunately there is no snow in the forecast. It's actually supposed to be quite nice on Christmas.


I don't normally wear heels (or...ever) but these were too cute and too cheap to pass up.

Well I'm off to paint some pottery as last-minute Christmas gifts. :)


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