Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainy Wednesdays

This picture is just for fun. Because I'm ready for summer.

The past few days need to delete themselves from the calendar. No, really. Now.
They have not been so nice to me. 
I won't complain, however.
This is me, not complaining.
I am so thankful for sweet texts, sweet peach teas (with extra ice! duh.) sweet friends, sweet sleep, and that sweet boy.
I have an extra sweet tooth, ya know? Cool.
Can I get a hallelujah for the semester being (almost) over?
All that's left: a paper on Schumann, Intro final on Thursday, Ancient Civ. final on Friday (Friday! gotta get down on Friday!), Old Testament final on Monday, and my Piano proficiency jury on Tuesday. (eep. I am so nervous about this one!)

So I'm rewarding myself with a lazy afternoon in bed. It's pouring down rain, and I'm all curled up in my snuggie. (Yeah, I'm the awkward kid who embraces snuggies. and snuggie wearers.) All I need now is a book. And some coffee. And for that boy to get outta school and text me. That would be reaaal nice.

Linking up the above photos for the photo contest over at Life is too short not to wear red shoes!


  1. Beautiful photos! The bokeh in both of them is stunning.

  2. Great portraits! I love your banner too!

  3. wow those are so good. the one in the field with the sun behind is amazing!!!


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