Thursday, August 25, 2011

So yeah, I like to ramble

Please excuse the rambling nature of this post. I'm just in one of those moods.

It feels good to be getting back into the swing of things at school! I'm really enjoying my classes so far. Conducting, Aural Theory, Music Theory I, History of Ancient Civilizations, Lifetime Fitness, New Testament: Epistles and Revelation, Chapel Choir, Choral Union, Handbells, and Private Piano. Believe it or not, all of those classes only total up to sixteen hours, because most music classes only count as one credit hour. (even though classes like private piano require five hours of practice a week outside of lessons) We are also required to attend chapel five days a week, and have to complete one hour of Christian service each week. But honestly? I love it all. I love being busy. I've never been one to just sit still.

The past few days have been a whirlwind between classes, working out, sonic/target/mckays trips, opening services, getting reconnected with old friends, and making new ones.

The more I study, the more excited I get about what God has planned for my future. I'm currently a Church Music major, but at semester I'm probably changing to English with a minor in Music (and a possible minor in missions.) I know God wants me in creative access missions, and I am so incredibly excited. I just have such a peace about it, and I know that I could not be happy doing anything else.

I'd also love to post pictures of my dorm room, but it's kind of a mess. My plan is to finish organizing/put finishing touches on it sometime this week.

For some reason, the above photo was printed off and laying in the 3rd floor lounge of my dorm. Apparently, it was there all summer. Creepy much?




  1. Just keep doing what you're doing - God is leading you in the right direction. And it's kinda creepy and cool that that photo was hanging around all summer. Pretty awesome actually.

  2. As good as I remember you to be in music, I think English or writing is another one of your great strengths! God is gonna use you in whatever direction you choose!

  3. HAHAHA! That is so creepy about the picture. I'm glad you're excited for this semester :) I'm excited for you and praying it will be a wonderful year! I love you.


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