Saturday, August 13, 2011


my time here
has been quite dear
but the sound
of the tolling bell
is near.

i'll creep away
leave this lonely place
turn my back
against the westward sun.

For those of you who haven't experienced college yet: it's really, really stressful. And I'm not even there yet. I leave in a week, and I only have one day this week that I can work on packing. Can you say freak out!? I just know I'm going to leave something really important behind. Happens every time. I probably should have worked on packing today...instead I watched The Fellowship of the Ring (um, as much as I love the movie, they changed so much from the book. No Old Forrest, no Barrow-wights. I understand they have to change things for the movies, but they literally left half of The Return of the King out. Regardless, they do remain my favorite books and my favorite movies.) I also went with my dad to test drive a '99 Camaro convertible. It was pretty slick, despite being twelve years old.

Oh, and I dyed my hair.

Ignore the awkward face, the awkward way I'm holding my phone, and the awkward length of my hair. I'm not a fan of the color right now. It's pretty close to my natural color, and honestly, it's a little boring for me. Unfortunately,  my thyroid currently hates me, and my hair is falling out. Which means I have to lay off the blonde for a while. I'd rather have brown hair than no hair! And as far as the awkward length is concerned, I'm getting my hair cut next week. Thank goodness. I'm starting to look like Justin Bieber, which is just awkward.

Also, I'm considering buying a Kindle. Does anyone have one? Would you recommend one? I love to read, and I think this would cut down on the cost of books...but it doesn't seem to have the charm that a physical book has. I have a vision in my head of some day having a room full of books...I'm afraid this might cause that dream to turn to dust. Haha. I've been scoping out my dad's Kindle, though, and it is pretty tempting.



  1. I experienced the same thing with wanting a Kindle. It was always my dream to have books everywhere in my house when I'm older, but I really wanted a Kindle as well. My friend bought me one last month and I love it! It comes in handy. I think I enjoy reading books on it more than having the actual book in front of me, to be honest. And I can play Scrabble all day, every day. =)
    Your hair looks lovely, as always. Hope you're doing well.


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