Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Words

We avoided destruction and saved our hearts.
Our wildly beating, savage hearts.
Connected by a silver thread
Stretch taught over miles

That I have driven in anger and in peace.
Searching for you in the clouds above and the asphalt below.

You held me close as I saw death.
Not yet eighteen but I’d seen the world.
You threw light on my shadows
And opened the windows.
You couldn’t chase the rain away,
But you held my umbrella and my hand. 


For years I tried to be the best
Practice, practice; never rest
I thought I'd gained the upper hand
But here you are, you're back again.

We pushed each other to be the best
Though you do not owe me your success,
You came there by your own accord.
Your skill is what I'm working toward.

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