Thursday, February 2, 2012

what I wore | minnie mouse

So, random fact time! The college I attend has a high standard of dress. This means I get to dress up every day. It's hard sometimes because I just want to roll out of bed and throw some sweats on. I do, however, understand why we have the dress code we do. A high standard of dress encourages high academic standards. It's hard to slack off when you look nice. (Although I'm sure I succeed at slacking off more than I should.)


Today I got ready and realized...I look like Minnie Mouse. I was going to go outside and take pictures because the weather has been so nice, but I'm still feeling under the weather. (I've had a monster sinus infection for over a week now. Blah.) 

Shirt and belt- F21/ Skirt- Old Navy/ Headband- Target/ Shoes- Wanted.
The lighting in one of the uninhabited halls in my dorm was nice today, so I stayed inside and took pictures before I collapsed in my bed for a nap. 


Today ended up being a lovely day full of good friends and lots of good food. I probably don't need to eat for a week. 

Goodnight, lovelies. It's almost the weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Indeed a cute Minnie headband! You look so pretty by the way.


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