Wednesday, February 15, 2012

that time I saw the civil wars

 So this one time, I got to see The Civil Wars live.

It was actually last May. My sister and I got tickets (I seriously think they were ten bucks!) to see them at the Loveless Barn outside of Nashville. It was a lovely night! It was part of a series they do here called "Music City Roots." There were lots of folk, bluegrass, and country acts. The Civil Wars only did three songs, but it was incredibly magical. Just the way they sing and interact on stage--it's not something that they've taught themselves to do. It's just natural.


I'm sure you saw them on the Grammy's a few nights ago. Or, if you're a Hunger Games / Taylor Swift fan, you've see them in the music video for Safe and Sound. (Which is an incredible song, by the way...)

Anyway, I was so excited that they won two Grammy's, I just had to share :)


P.S., When John Paul White walked out on to stage that night...he looked right at me. I about died.

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