Sunday, February 26, 2012

out-of-order weekend

Have I ever mentioned that I love history? In grade school, I was the kid the couldn't wait to get my history text book at the beginning of the year. I would have the entire book read within the first couple weeks of school. American History, World History, it didn't matter. I loved all of it. I still love history. When I go home on weekends, all I watch is the History Channel (even though most of the shows they broadcast anymore are about aliens, the Knight's Templar, or truckers. Whatever.)

So I was really excited today when I got the chance to visit The Hermitage. It's the mansion of our seventh president, Andrew Jackson. Love him or hate him, he led an incredibly fascinating life, and had such a huge...personality.


It was really neat! Now I have to write a speech about it...not so neat.

Friday, we had a yearbook all-nighter. Okay, we only made it to about 1 AM, but we got quite a bit done on the yearbook! I'm Photo/Assistant Editor. In case you were wondering. We ate a lot of pizza, looked at old yearbooks, listened to Adele and worked for 8 hours straight. Yup.

Yeah. We took jumping pictures, too.

Saturday, I slept in. Til noon. Which is really late, but considering the previous activities, I think I was justified. I only got out of bed because they were serving bacon breakfast burritos in the cafeteria. I ended up going to McKay's with a few friends. I bought a Star Wars box set (episodes IV-VI) for 20 dollars. Total geek moment. I then went home and did nothing the rest of the night. It was splendid.

Also, this kind of made my night:
Photobucket Well, that was my out-of-order weekend. I hope I can make it through this week. I'm very sick. Again.


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