Wednesday, February 8, 2012

instagram lately


1. Doodles.
2. My sister's cat, Scourge. Which is actually a girl. Go figure.
3. Dinner. Steak, baked potatoes, salad!
4. Lots of polka-dots.
5. Time spent with my best friend!
6. Playing games at halftime during the superbowl. 

If you could, say a quick prayer for me. I'm still very sick with a sinus infection, and I'm starting to feel exhausted and defeated. Thanks!


P.S. The Duke vs UNC game is tonight, and I am PUMPED. You better believe that I'll be wearing Duke blue, screaming like a banshee!


  1. You should doodle more, and then take pictures of them, because I always really enjoy them. I can't draw to save my life.

  2. ooh, hang in there! I'll pray for you.
    p.s. I really like your blog


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