Friday, March 16, 2012

why I'll still wear duke blue

 If you know me in real life, you know I'm crazy obsessed with college basketball. Not just college basketball, Duke basketball. From December to April, the only color I care to see is that classic shade of Duke blue. Many people assume I'm a bandwagon fan because I'm from Missouri.


My sweet Mama was from North Carolina. She raised my brother, sister, and I to love the correct shade of blue. I was born the year we earned our back-to-back NCAA titles. Though I don't remember the classic team of Laettner, Hill, and Hurley, I've watched "The Shot" over and over again on youtube. I loved Redick. Schyer, Singler, and Paulus. I think the Plumlee brothers are great. Going to see a Duke game at Cameron is at the very top of my bucket list. I was raised to despise UNC and tolerate NC State. When we won the National Title in 2010, I ran screaming through the house. Sorry, neighbors! 

Bandwagon fan? No. Duke Blue runs in my veins. 

Let's face it: Duke did not play their best tonight. Kelly was out, the defense was struggling. I feel like they hardly hit anything beyond the arc. But frankly, even though they lost, I'm still proud to call myself a Duke fan. Coach K was absolutely gracious about it, conceding that Lehigh truly deserved to win tonight. I'm glad to cheer for such a classy team.

You better believe I'll be wearing a Duke shirt proudly tomorrow!


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