Tuesday, March 27, 2012

dark blue (i'll play it for you)

I know I've only mentioned it like 50 times, but I love playing piano. So, that's nothing new. Often, when I'm avoiding playing the songs I'm supposed to be learning (you really can only play The Girl with the Flaxen Hair so many times before it gets old...), I play fun songs. It's usually Mumford and Sons, but the other day I decided to branch out and do some Jack's Mannequin. I've been ridiculously, all-out, fangirl obsessed with them lately. Fine. I'll say it. Andrew McMahon is dreamy and he can play the piano. Swoon. I only have like...five pictures of him pinned on pinterest. That's not a ton...right!?

Source: google.com via Katy on Pinterest

I digress. The song Dark Blue is really what got me into Jack's Mannequin, so I decided to try to play it. It's only the introduction and the first verse. Someday I'll get around to learning the chorus and finish out the song.

xo, Katy

1 comment:

  1. i've always loved this song! it used to be the ringtone for my phone back a few years ago. :) you did a wonderful job! i really wish i could play the piano.


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