Friday, March 23, 2012

acrostic, a cross stick

Instead of going to bed or doing some last-minute studying, I wrote an acrostic about no one specific. The things stress does to me! At least this is somewhat constructive. I could be pigging out on Ramen or something. This has fewer calories. 

A time forgotten long ago--
(Because of a faulty memory or choice? I do not know.)

Condescending voices rang out that night
Deafening words to inspire fright.

Everything stopped (my heart mid-beat)
Frankly, my knees were sickly weak.

Gone was the trust I had in you,
Hate, that sickly colored hue.

I'm sorry you're finding out this way,
Join me, on this mourning day.

"Katherine," your voice pleaded with me.
Lies, really, were all you could speak.

Mostly I'm over it, though sadness is there.
No, it hasn't been more than I can bear. 

Only you, forever, and always, for me.
Parting words shortened that eternity. 

Quiet, quiet, do not wake my heart.
Rest, let it rest! Don't let it restart. 

Stained, those memories are gone.
Time has not cleaned them, time has moved on.

Under my bed your pictures still sits.
Violently, dust gathers, in that dark pit. 

Waiting on you in the band room alone
Xylophone sounds, my company my phone.

You did not get the best of me after those years
Zoloft no longer needed, happiness appears.



1 comment:

  1. I like this a lot, probably one of my favorites by you. Nice work.


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