Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Obsession

I have a confession to make. It might take my "cool" factor down by 20%, but I can no longer deny it. I like bluegrass. Yes, the banjo filled, twangy, backwoods music has a special place in my heart.

It all started as a child, and really, I can point a finger at my father for this. In college, he sang in a folk/bluegrass group called All Us Folk. They played at the Ryman once in Nashville, when it was still the home of the Grand Ol' Opry. (Sadly, he had to quit the group--to go home--right before they played there. Ah well.) He's been in various groups since then, bringing his stellar, self-taught upright bass skill to the masses at Silver Dollar City and various other places and festivals. A group he was in even played in a scene in an IMAX film. (Ozarks: Legacy and Legend. It's occasionally played on the Bio channel, and you can still watch it at the IMAX theater in Branson, MO--if you ever want to check it out.)

If you know me, I am by no means a country bumpkin. But this is the music I grew up listening to, so it's wormed its way into a special corner of my heart. I can't help but feel happy and nostalgic any time I hear music that has any sort of bluegrass influence.

My tastes have changed somewhat. I prefer newgrass and folk more than straight up bluegrass. Folk has seen quite a revival in the past few years, thanks to artists such as Mumford & Sons, and the Avett Brothers. Even The Civil Wars have a certain folksy appeal.

One artist I particularly love is Nickel Creek. They are no longer together, but I find myself listening to their music constantly. Here are a couple of their more popular songs:

 I would also recommend Green and Gray, The Lighthouse's Tale, and Out of the Woods.

Thanks for letting me indulge my nerdy country side. :)
I'll post pictures from Elephant Rocks later tonight!



  1. Hurrah! Someone else who likes newgrass. :) I am a huge fan of Nickel Creek, and I discovered the Avett Brothers a couple of months ago and love them. We have all of the Nickel Creek CDs and two of the Avett Brother CDs. I've kind of grown up with bluegrass music playing, as my family's favorite vacation spot has always been in the mountains. Glad to hear someone else appreciates that kind of music. ;)

  2. oh my! me too! I just did a post where I mentioned a bluegrass band. They come to my town and play all the time... they're called Highway 52.

    you'll have to check out my post and picture I got!

    Ashley Jean


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