Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Really Good at Rambling

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Today has seriously been the laziest day of the summer. I didn't wake up until nearly noon (that's probably the latest I've slept all summer!) It was dreary and rainy. This translated to me laying on the couch, catching up on messages and such, until my rumbling tummy convinced me it was time to eat some lunch. (Grilled cheese with bacon from Sonic? Yes please!) I did some laundry and finally got a shower. I've spent the rest of my afternoon watching Travel channel and putting together my outfits for the Free Will Baptist national convention. Which sounds incredibly lame, but it's kind of a big deal. It's a lot of fun, too! It's not for another two weeks, but we're going straight from vacation to the convention. So I have to pack early.

I got these Oxfords for six bucks yesterday. Score!

Putting outfits together...
The rest of my evening shall be spent running errands (I must get out of the house), reading a book by Francine Rivers (more on that later!), taking my nightly walk, and reading my Bible (my dad bought me a new one yesterday. My study Bible got left behind in Gatlinburg. I still haven't gotten it back, so I got an ESV, which is an excellent literal translation.)

I hope y'all had lovely days!


P.S. I hope you like the new header. Also, if you haven't yet, you should follow me on Tumblr. Just a warning: I tend to get weirdly honest when I post on there. Ha!


  1. love all the pictures! especially the first!

  2. Those shoes are so awesome! Love the selfie with the camera!

  3. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!! Sorry- but I have been waiting too long to say that! I have that camera! Well... It was my dad's grandad's... But I've adopted it, so yeah! :D Much Love xx

  4. Visiting from Little Somethings but hope to spend more time here in the future...that first shot is incredible!


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