Monday, September 12, 2011

Music Monday and a life update

Rush week is finally over. Last week was a lot of fun, but it was completely exhausting. The Rossettis rushed eight, as did the Bunyans. After rush, we had a fun little bonfire out in the country. I pretty much love bonfires. I'd love to upload pictures from rush week but my camera is in my car which is currently out of service...

I drove over a nail yesterday. They couldn't patch it, and it turns out I need four new tires. They're supposed to replace them today, but walmart still hasn't called me. Of course. Thankfully, my sister is pretty much the best ever and let me borrow her car. Granted, it's a Toyota Sequoia, so the car to girl ratio is seriously skewed. I look pretty funny driving such a huge car.

Since today has been such a typical Monday, I thought I'd share one of my current favorite songs:

I've been listening to this song all week long. It's fantastic.

Also, while perusing Youtube I found this gem of a video:

I was awkward.



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