Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carousels and a Room Re-do

 Dorm rooms are not cozy. Not in the least bit. So to combat this, I've covered my walls, put up curtains, made my room as "me!" as possible.



I randomly had the urge to paint yesterday. This is what became of it. I suppose they're feather/leave hybrids.

I leave you with this:

This carousel keeps spinning me around
I swear, my feet have never  felt the ground.
I'm on the horse and you're standing beside,
Beside me now on this dizzying ride.

Just get me off of this trip.
I'm tired of riding, I feel my hands slip.
Carousels keep spinning, they won't let me down.
Grinding gears and wind, I hate the sound.

A tiny toy horse and a rusted toy soldier
All packed away in an attic, moreover
No one really cares to see them again
Childhood is gone, gone like the wind. 

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful poem :) And I love the room red-do :) xx


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