Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Bit of Film

Goodness gracious, this week has gone by in a hurry. To be honest, I'm not even sure what I did all week, aside from sleep.

Oh, right. I took a few pictures.

I really wish this were in focus.

My eyes always look black in photographs.

This was a bit of a fail.

This is an old do-rag my gramma used to wear back in the 60s.
I've finally been able to shoot some with my film camera. I'm super excited! It's been two years since I got to shoot with film.
Note: the follow photographs were taken with a Canon T70 in 2009.

I'm still getting used to my Canon AE-1. I cannot wait to see how this roll comes out!

Here's to another fast moving week! I'm ready for Thursday, for that is when my summer adventures begin!


  1. The one of the Bird is Amazing. love it.
    ~ krystal ~

  2. yes... what krystal says.
    believe it or not, i really like how the first one turned out! i think the out-of-focus-ness really adds to it. :)

  3. I really love that one of the "fail." I think it says a, a moment just barely started or just barely missed.

    You now have a new follower. <3

  4. some say ur eyes are blank but believe every blank eye has story of its own
    loved ur photography

  5. nice photos! I like the "bit of a fail" anyway :)


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