Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Home

Things I Do Not Miss About College: 
  • Cleaning my room once a week.
  • No privacy.
  • Not getting to watch what I want to watch on TV.
  • No fridge at my disposal.
  • Homework.
  • Traffic.
Things I Do Miss About College:
  • Friends!
  • Living in a big city.
  • My sister.
  • The Donelson Fellowship
  • Sweet CeCe's
  • Starbucks/Any other food establishment other than McDonald's. 
 It's so good to be home! My Freshman year of college was rough, to be honest. It's nice to be someplace familiar and recoup. I finally have time to read, take pictures, paint, and travel! It's going to be a fairly busy summer. I have a few big trips planned, which I am quite excited about. But until then, it's nice to wake up and be in my own comfy bed.

^ I made this for you.

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