Friday, January 31, 2014

you don't bring me flowers anymore

 photo IMG_9101_zps5db0f998.jpg photo IMG_9114_zps9cfacda2.jpg photo IMG_9093_zpsc401b7fd.jpg photo IMG_9111_zpsba64d6ab.jpg photo IMG_9104_zpsc85317f5.jpg 

I was having a crummy day earlier this week. I don't remember why now, exactly. I was probably upset at myself for the same old things. (Actually, it was probably because it was 15 degrees outside and I had to go grocery shopping.) I had joked on twitter that I was going to reward myself with tulips for actually unpacking my room (two weeks into the semester). As soon as I walked into Trader Joe's, I saw bunches of tulips on sale for $1.99. I wanted to buy ALL the tulips. And I decided: why shouldn't I buy myself some flowers? If I'm waiting around for a boy to bring me flowers I'm going to be waiting for a very long time. So I bought flowers. Because sometimes you have to love yourself. You have to say, "I'm sorry." I'm sorry for being so angry at myself for things I can't control. I'm sorry for not giving myself the same amount of grace I give to others. I'm sorry for not always taking care of myself.

So I bought them, arranged them (poorly), photographed them, and then ate an entire bag of carrots. The end. 


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  1. I love that second photo. Makes me want to have some tulips to brighten up my room. =)


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