Thursday, January 2, 2014

i'm feeling 22

 photo EF7BBB80-C827-47EC-AA2A-79DCA29BB77E_zpsye8pfvxj.jpg 

 photo D59E0975-F95A-4CC9-A48C-6EAD07F7B569_zpsteagt5ec.jpg photo C8C0621D-C58D-4270-9CEF-4D1C437A98B2_zpstbdnds4s.jpg
 photo 52286096-68AE-444D-A697-676D2310D7CA_zps4gclani7.jpg  photo 28E8AA0C-439E-4195-AD72-DF3AC356E260_zpskymzwrwc.jpg 

Guys, I'm really sorry for the title, but I'll only get to use it once, so just indulge me here. ;) So. I turned twenty-two today. And I really only documented it with my phone, so my apologies for that as well. I had every intention of taking real photos, but it was so bone-chillingly cold that I couldn't bring myself to go outside and set up my all. It was a very laid-back day. I slept in, made iced coffee, watched Sherlock reruns, shopped for a bit at the mall, and had dinner with my sister. (My poor dad was sick. boo.) I'm going out with friends next week, so maybe I'll take real pictures then.

Here's to another year older and the family and friends who made this day special and memorable. 


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