Friday, January 3, 2014

blake + audrey | proposal

 photo IMG_9562_zps2397c664.jpg  photo IMG_9566_zpsa8eaf29c.jpg  photo IMG_9569_zps13613744.jpg  photo IMG_9572_zpse23a6229.jpg  photo IMG_9603_zps239bad9b.jpg  photo IMG_9617_zps054109b8.jpg  photo IMG_9618_zps0a60c51e.jpg  photo IMG_9629_zpse8a50c39.jpg 

Looking back at these pictures gives me goosebumps. I've known Audrey for about seven years, and Blake for five. We all attended the same college, and run around with the same group of friends. I count the two of them as some of the dearest people to me. Blake and Audrey starting dating Audrey's freshman year of school, and a few weeks ago, Blake finally popped the question in the most creative and awe-inspiring way.  I really don't think this proposal can be topped. 

Blake managed to keep Audrey out of student body chapel one day without her being suspicious (which is pretty crazy considering she's student body president!) He announced to the entire school that he was proposing that night. Everyone was invited, but everyone had to keep it a secret. We all gathered in the auditorium that night, while a couple of our friends managed to get her backstage under the guise of filming a video. Once she was in place, a video of Audrey's closest friends telling the story of her and Blake's relationship began to play. When the video was over, the screen was moved, and Audrey saw Blake. It was seriously the most magical moment I think I've ever photographed. They were both so excited. Not only had Blake kept it a surprise, the entire student body had, too.

Guys, I'm so thankful for your friendship. I can't wait to see how the two of you serve the Lord together!

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  1. So magical. I love the amount of emotion these pictures contain. They'll cherish these so much for the rest of their lives.


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