Saturday, June 9, 2012

short hair don't care?

I really can't believe I went six months without a haircut. That's probably nothing to you long-haired gals, but those with short hair will understand. Short hair loses its shape so quickly. It's less maintenance on a day-to-day basis, though.


I was stuck between growing my hair out and chopping it into a pixie again. I finally went with my old standby--the bob. My mom had my long, thick, tomboy hair cut into a bob when I was around eight or so. I've had short hair ever since, usually some variation of the bob. I really like this cut. A sweet girl from my church cut it, and did a fantastic job! My head feels so much lighter. Now I just have to wait for the sunburn on my head to heal and I can dye my hair. ;)


This is an awkward picture, but I wanted to share it. Though my eyes usually appear brown or black, they're actually amber colored. Fun stuff.

I hope your weekends are lovely! I'm headed to the mall to procrastinate. I have a paper due at midnight. ;)


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