Thursday, June 14, 2012

that time I saw...| the new hawk nelson

Do you have a band you love no matter what? Regardless of style changes, member changers, whatever? Mine is Hawk Nelson. They're kind of my guilty pleasure when it comes to music. My friends and I started listening to them when were about thirteen or so. (Has it really been seven years? Goodness.) If there was a concert anywhere near us, we'd be there. We quoted their songs, watched their music videos, and sang their songs as loud as we could. It's pretty safe to say we were obsessed. I even have this gem of a video:

 (yes. that really happened. yes, I was that awkward. i was fifteen. you can't hold it against me!)

My musical tastes are much different than they were seven years ago. I'm not a screaming fangirl anymore. But when I found out about the show debuting the New Hawk Nelson, I had to be there.

Photobucket The show took place at 12th and Porter, a small bar near downtown Nashville. The guys hung out with the dedicated fans and friends who showed up early. I'm shy, so I didn't talk to them. Ya know. They finally took the stage around 5:30. My friend John Palmer and I were skeptical. Could they really be as good as they used to be, with their old lead singer gone? In a word...YES. They're much more...poppy...than they used to be. It was all I could do not to DANCE. (But this is Nashville, and you have to act aloof at shows. Since I'm not a native, I figured I was allowed to move my feet.)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

I scared off some kid to get the really close up photos. I gave him the "my-canon-is-bigger-than-your-canon" look. It worked.

Thanks for letting me be a total embarrassing fangirl for a few minutes. ;) 

p.s. I'm looking in to doing event photography. If you live in the Nashville area, email me at to book.

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