Monday, April 9, 2012

what i wore- saturday at home

It's story time, folks.

So, first of all, my dad moved to Nashville a few months ago, taking on one of the VP positions at my school. (That bit of info isn't really pertinent to this story. I'm just a proud daughter.) So, I've been going home on weekends to do laundry and be an introvert without any interruptions. Fun fact: I'm really lazy sometimes, so I never take clothes home to wear. Just laundry. I'm always hoping there will be something hiding in my nearly empty drawers that I can wear that's clean. (Because yes, my room is not unpacked yet.) Most of the time, I'm lucky if my clothes match. This Saturday the unthinkable happened...I actually looked, in my opinion, cute.

So I went out behind my dad's apartment complex and took pictures. I got lots of strange looks from dog walkers. Excuse me sir, you are the one prancing around with an animal on a string. I am not the weird one in this situation. 


So yeah. That's what happened.

dress- JcPenny
shirt- Delias
boots- DSW


listening to---> The Only One- Manchester Orchestra

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