Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I do not wish to exist outside of Christ.

You come to the point where you grow weary in being lukewarm. You cannot stand mediocrity. Your heart, your mind, your soul cries out to God for a greater sense of love. A stronger passion driven by the desire to know the God of the universe on a personal and intimate level.

We have that option. Our God is not made of stone, or wood, or any kind of corruptible, mailable element. He is above all. Our minds cannot even fathom His great majesty, and yet...He came to us. Yahweh, who could command the universe into existence by the plan of His mighty will, came to us. He took on the form of a lowly human, born into a crude stable full of filthy animals and refuse, and became one of us. He was blameless, upright, and holy. And yet He came to us. He also died. For us. For you. For me. He knew that two thousand years into the future a girl named Katy would be born. That she would be imperfect and sinful. That she would ignore Him, disappoint Him. And yet, He gave His final, perfect breath for her. For me. 

And yet I doubt? I despair? Why? Why should I worry when God, in his majesty and transcendence and holiness, loves me? Lowly me? 

I do not wish to exist outside of Christ, for in Him, I am no longer nothing, but something because of His great love.

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