Tuesday, October 2, 2012

all's well that ends well

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My family came this past weekend. It was a good way to kick off fall. Nothing signals the start of a cooler season quite like bonfires, s'mores made with burnt marshmallows and reeses cups, good conversation with family, and red flannel shirts. Of course, if your family is like mine and has terrible luck, the fire department might show up and put an end to your fall festivities. Whatever. It happens.

At the moment I:
  • am sick. I'm off to the doctor as soon as I finish this post.
  • am thankful I'm done with my infernal paper on Edward Taylor's infernal poetry. Infernal.
  • am glad to see cooler weather.
  • am freaking out about the fact that I turn 21 in precisely three months.
  • am jamming out to some killer music.

I hope everyone is having a lovely fall thus far.


  1. lovely photos! i want to have a bonfire now... :) & i love your bunting!


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