Saturday, September 1, 2012

the perks of being a junior


The Perks of Being a Junior:
  • I don't have class until noon on MWF and 4 PM on TuTh. This means a more flexible work schedule and more sleep. (Sleep is more valuable than money  in college, let me tell ya.)
  • I get to park beside the dorm, instead of across the street or behind the dorm.
  • I chose a first floor room this year, so no crazy stair climbing.
  • I'm president of The Christina Rossetti Society (est. 1955) so I get to plan fun things and be on Student Council.
  • As an upperclassman, I know what's up. Though college as a whole is a scary transition time, freshman year is the worst. As a junior, at least I know what's expected of me. 
  • I get to help out freshmen as they transition into the crazy awesome adventure we call college.
  • Did I MENTION I get to sleep in!?
  • Being nearly done with my gen. ed classes.
  • Getting to take classes like Shakespeare, Early American Literature, and Daniel and Revelation. (Which is my first 400 level class!) 
  • The end is in sight. Kind of. If I survive this semester. 
I can't believe September is here already. Time is really starting to fly, and I'm cherishing every fleeting moment.


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  1. Congratulations on being a junior! (I guess that's a "congratulations," right? Right.) Anyways. "Sleep is more valuable in college than money." I'll have to remember that one :)

    xo maryrachel


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