Thursday, May 31, 2012

and i'm off

The last few days have been frenzied. Between work, knocking my car mirror off with a light pole, messing my neck up and spending countless hours at the chiropractor, reading and writing for my night class, writing for my online class and other all-around craziness...I've been exhausted.

Which is why I'm excited to wake up at three am (yes, as in four hours from now) to leave for the beach.

Beach. Beach. Beach. Beach. Beach!

I'm giddy! If it weren't for the exhaustion from the past few days, I wouldn't sleep tonight. I could be a beach bum. I truly think I could.

The ocean is in her veins,
Her skin is made of sand.
Her movements like the waves
That sweep the sandy land. 


P.S. Pray that Mikaela, Teagan and I have safe travels. :)

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