Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Smokies

I finally have time to blog about the vacation I took with my boyfriend's family last week! The first few days were spent at his house, in preparation for his graduation from high school. It's so different being on the other side of things now. I remember how bright and hopeful things seem when you graduate--like you have the whole world at your doorstep. Which, really, is true! This kid is going places.

Anyway, we left early Monday morning for Gatlinburg. It was nearly a ten hour drive there! We passed the time by playing contact, drawing, listening to music, talking, and complaining about the crazy cicada infestation. We finally arrived, and can I say, our cabin was gorgeous! Seriously legit. I really hope to go back and stay at this resort sometime. Our cabin had a hot tub, arcade games, a pool table, air hockey! It was pretty sweet.

 On Tuesday, we decided to do some hiking in the national park.

A deer jumped out across our path!

 We saw a bear and her cub.

 And finally, a waterfall!

We then roamed around downtown and finally decided to ride the sky lift!

It was absolutely gorgeous!
This was taken by my boyfriend's father. I love this picture.
Sadly, I don't have any pictures from the rest of the week. I wasn't feeling well. We did visit Cades' Cove, which was awesome! We also went ziplining, which I must do again. It seriously feels like flying!

It was a great trip, and I'm thankful that Tyler's family let me go with them!


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