Monday, September 23, 2013

hectic days

If I could pick one word to describe this semester thus far, it would be hectic. Though I'm only taking sixteen hours, they're mostly upper-level courses. As much as I enjoy them, I have something due every single day. It's amazing to me that I'm just now experiencing that with school. I guess I didn't realize just how easy I had it these past few years.

I know I've been rather absent for the past...year or so here in this space. Honestly, I've had to step away from photography for a while. Trying to finish up my undergrad, I just haven't had time to devote to it, or to this blog. I'm one of those people who either gives all of their attention to something, or none of it. I just can't do things half-heatedly. I've missed photography. I've missed writing things that aren't school related. I've missed blogging here. Hopefully, the future will hold more time for me to devote to the things I love (not that I don't love studying English and Ren. Lit, because I do). 

So here's to hopefully investing more time to this space in the future. I make no promises. But I look forward to whatever happens.


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