Thursday, April 25, 2013

you got trouble, my friends

Welch College put on a production of The Music Man this year. Here are photos, in no particular order.
 photo 923002_10151536719017086_1011014586_n.jpg  photo 400737_10151536718747086_1228738032_n.jpg  photo 20798_10151536719317086_1138824960_n.jpg  photo 431779_10151536718912086_1839931268_n.jpg   photo 375929_10151536720262086_321932261_n.jpg  photo 430483_10151536721192086_1392052656_n.jpg  photo 35033_10151536720487086_1801466107_n.jpg  photo 164954_10151536720082086_2106745332_n.jpg  photo 923122_10151536719717086_255692079_n.jpg  photo 164265_10151536719247086_1853123763_n.jpg  photo 407072_10151536718827086_1742753185_n.jpg  photo 922859_10151536719062086_805586726_n.jpg  photo 69086_10151536718052086_1739656968_n.jpg  photo 387294_10151536717987086_122216592_n.jpg   photo 923370_10151536717537086_1725226958_n.jpg  photo 540492_10151536717217086_1730911750_n.jpg  photo 295736_10151536717407086_883964462_n.jpg  photo 295807_10151536721527086_388698182_n.jpg  photo 399587_10151536722047086_221797168_n.jpg 

We had such a good time. Our last performance was bittersweet. I'm so thankful for the friendships that were forged and strengthened during this process. I'm really starting to learn who I am as an actress, as lame as that sounds. 

Also, the songs from this musical will never leave your head. EVER.


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