Wednesday, April 17, 2013

popsicles and pictures

 photo IMG_7723_zpsdc12da41.jpg 
This is Johanna. (Pronounced Jo-anna. NOT Jo-hannah.) She is one of my dearest friends.  photo IMG_1881_zps0be52cbf.jpg  photo IMG_9001_zps19f41ac2.jpg  photo IMG_4492_zps71507969.jpg  photo IMG_0590_zps4262f0a7.jpg 

Did I mention Johanna is from France? She's pretty much the coolest ever. We went out last Sunday for popsicles from Las Paletas and photos. We had a blast! She also stole my camera and made me pose for a few photos.  photo IMG_4873_zpse2797e0a.jpg 
I apologize for the lack of consistent posts around here. My computer is currently at the doctor getting fixed up. Hopefully I'll have lightroom and photoshop back soon. 

Until then,

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