Friday, November 2, 2012

instagram dump

Vader and the Soggy Bottom Boys! Sad Vader roasts a marshmallow. Future wedding dress right here! Fort Smith bound! Cinnamon espresso cheesecake and catch-up time :) This how doodle-Katy feels about being sick during midterms. Doodle-Katy also looks like she's wearing a straight jacket. Interpret that as you will. Color run fun! COLOR RUN Photobucket Someone knocked off my side mirror. Thankfully, I have a bit of redneck ingenuity. I love my Brittani Chari :) Photobucket Christmas lights make for a cozy room. :)It was only slightly cold at the football game... Photobucket

1. Darth Vader and the Soggy Bottom Boys
2. Sad Vader roasts a marshmallow
3. Goodwill adventures
4. Arkansauce adventures
5. Cinnamon espresso cheesecake
6. Doodles
7. The color run with my best friend
9. New bangs
10. Redneck car fixes
11. Matching best friends
12.Foggy hikes
13. Cozy rooms
14. Freezing football games
15. Red lipstick


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