Monday, May 11, 2015

graduation and future things

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 Can you guess what I did this weekend? Oh yeah! I graduated magna cum laude with my BA in English and Theological Studies! That's what! This was a day five long years in the making. And it was a great day, indeed. A few highlights of the day:
  • I forgot to bring my camera. Hence the sad cell phone photos. 
  • We had forty-something graduates this year. Which is a lot when you consider how small my alma mater is.
  • I managed not to trip while walking across the stage.
  • All of the ladies had to pin their collars into their gowns. Mine was very, very crooked.
  • I broke my honor cord and my shoe right before we lined up for the processional. 
  • I only cried like...twice.
  • My dad gave the invocation, which I amazingly didn't cry at.
  • Alberto Gonzales, the former US Attorney General, gave the commencement address. It was fantastic. This also brought the number of Attorneys General I have been in the same room with up to two.
  • It doesn't matter what the weather is like leading up to graduation, or what it's like after--it's always insanely hot and humid. This year stayed true to form. Which was fun, considering I was wearing seventeen layers of black.
After the ceremony, my dad took my sister and I out to lunch at a seafood place on the river. My sister got me gluten free cupcakes from Vegan Vee, and they were the best cupcakes I've ever had--no lie. I'm not sure if Vegan Vee is that amazing or if I was just excited to be done with college and eating cake! 

Oh, here's a picture of my dad and mom being all cute after his graduation from our alma mater. 

 photo 2F14926E-A142-4D3E-8978-7087B4A1B1E2_zpsaudhpis9.jpg

So what's next? I've been asked that a lot lately. I already have a fantastic job that uses my degree, so I'm doing great in that regard. I am considering grad school, though if I do go, I probably won't enroll for a year or so. I'm looking at local colleges and online programs. I'm trying to decide between an MFA in Creative Writing, or an MA in English. There are pros and cons to each!

My more immediate plans include second shooting for and assisting a wedding photographer here in Nashville. That's going to keep me busy the next several weeks.

Oh, and I'm leaving for Northern Ireland in a month! I'm going on a music mission trip with my church. I'm so incredibly excited! Now, if only I can get all of my funds raised before our deadline in a week. I have faith that God will provide. He always does! :)

I'll be posting around here a lot more, now that life is finally starting to settle down some.



  1. There's a lot going on for you! Congratulations on graduating, and have a great time in Northern Ireland. =)


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